Playstation 3: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Playstation 3 is the video game console of the seventh generation era and the third in the series of the Playstation. PS3 is Sony’s response against Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The launch will be done on November 2006 in the United States and Japan. In Australasia and Europe, the PS3 will be available in the market on March 2007. The delayed date of release in the Australasian and European regions has been charged to the shortage of blue-ray drive diodes.

Sony announced that the Playstation 3 will be released in two configurations. The first one is the premium version. Units with this configuration come with Blu-ray disc drive, USB ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, memory card readers, and an internal 60-Gb hard drive. The alternate version, on the other hand, has only a 20-GB internal hard drive and does not come with Wi-Fi features and memory card readers. However, the user has the option to upgrade the hard drive and connect memory card readers via adapters. The Wi-Fi feature, however, cannot be installed.

With the blu-ray drive, PS3 users can play movies and game discs. Because a blu-ray disc has a capacity of holding up 54 GB of data, users will not have to want for additional media space.

The portable hard disks provide the system with the required storage space needed for Playstation Network applications, downloads, and other files. For the games, the hard drive will also be used for saving game points.

In the United States, the expected pricing release of the 20-GB is $499 and $599 for the 60-GB. In Japan, the price lists about $430 for the 20-GB. Sony has chosen to set an open price for the Japanese retailers for the 60-GB model. Meanwhile, for the European release, the 20-GB and the 60-GB versions cost …

Video Game Design – Do You Have What It Takes To Design Games?

If you’re an avid video gamer and while sitting at home playing your favorite game, you think to yourself, “I could do this better”, video game design might be the perfect job for you someday. But there are some key skills you’ll need to have before you can enter the field and truly make an impact on the video game market. Here’s a description of the most important ones.


Everything you see in a video game is boiled down to 0s and 1s, the basics of programmers everywhere. If you decide to aim for this job, you’d better start early. Programming is the building block of any good video game design job. If you’re great with numbers, better with details, and don’t mind spending long hours staring at a computer screen looking for a missing line of code, programming is a great place for you in video game design.

You’ll need to learn a combination of three to five different programming languages to be really successful in this job, so you’d better be prepared for a lot of work. While C++ is the groundwork for any programming job, you’ll also be learning Java and Visual Basic to supplement it.

Most video game design uses a combination of whatever works in a given situation to get the job done. If you’re in high school though, interested in a job in video game design and programming, you should try your hardest to take courses in or learn C++ as preparation.

Story Writing/Game Theory

For every good video game, there’s someone (or many someones) whose job it is to write the story and develop the ideas for the game. You might think this sounds simple, having sat in your basement telling your friends how much better you could do at writing the …

Doodle Devil Flash Game With Walkthrough and Review!

Ahhh… It’s at last here, all those who have been waiting around can at last rejoice in triumph! Doodle Devil (the sequel to Doodle God) has been released in an on the internet flash version. If you are familar with Doodle God, you know that you engage in the game by mixing many aspects with eachother to develop new and exclusive aspects, the game might feel practically in no way ending but there are Doodle God Walkthroughs that will talk about which aspects to blend in get to defeat the game.

I first performed this game directly off of my Iphone, I uncovered it alternatively challening and fulfilling! Doodle God is a person of my most loved online games, when I listened to they would be creating a second, I pretty much jumped out of my seat leaping for pleasure! I’m really major into gaming, I engage in all sorts of console online games, on the internet online games, board online games… and so on. If you get pleasure from puzzle/talent online games then this is certainly for you!

You you should not have to have an Iphone to get pleasure from the game anymore! It’s time to acquire a split for the day, call in sick to your manager and let them know that you wanna acquire the day off and engage in a minor little bit of Doodle Devil. Children, go to college and get on the nearest computer system and get pleasure from the game… Of system not pretty much, but if you have a couple minutes here and there squeeze in the time to engage in a fantastic game!

A true rapid notice: If you locate oneself trapped in the game there is a minor support button/hint button that will give you a standard thought of …

10 Rare and Expensive Nintendo 64 Games

The Nintendo 64 doesn’t have a ton of rare games but has quite a few games that are extremely popular so fetch a pretty high price even though millions of copies sold.  Below is a list of the rarest and most expensive N64 games and why they are so pricey.

1. Worms Armageddon – $60
A strategy game on the Nintendo 64, which were not common on the system.  The game didn’t sell well when released but is very fun and many gamers want to play it.  The low supply and high demand make this the most expensive game on the N64.

2. Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Scultpor’s Cut – $50
A follow-up to the first 63 1/3 game, Sculptor’s Cut was a Blockbuster Video exclusive.  Because of the exclusive release it did not sell very well and is considered the rarest Nintendo 64 in terms of the number of copies produced.  Boxed copies are extremely hard to find because Blockbuster stores don’t usually keep the boxes for games they rented.

3. Ogre Battle 64 – $45
Ogre Battle is one of the few RPG’s on the Nintendo 64.  Atlus, the publisher, is notorious for small production runs and Ogre Battle was no exception.  The game is very sought after by RPG fans and Atlus game collectors.

4. Harvest Moon 64 – $38
Harvest Moon is a farming and love simulation game.  Because of it’s very niche genre, the game didn’t sell very well but the series has a cult like following.  It is one of the harder games to find on the Nintendo 64.

5. Mario Party 3 – $33
Mario Party 3 came out near the end of the Nintendo 64’s life in late 2001.  It did not sell as well as the previous Mario Party games, but …

Being Confident: Developing Inner Game Strategies

It happens to some of the best athletes, CEOs, actors, and public speakers in the world the loss of words, the inability to take action or even move, and the proverbial dropping of the ball. For some, choking under pressure comes at the 9th inning when the game is tied, bases are loaded, there are two outs and the best hitter in the league has just stepped up to the plate. For others it comes with the mere thought of playing the game.

An athlete, CEO, actor, or speaker can have all the outer game tools in his or her toolbox but if she doesn’t have the inner game needed to put those tools to work she will find herself frustrated, falling short of her full potential, and choking under pressure.

Imagine your inner game like the software in a computer. You can have the greatest hardware on the planet, a shiny new 32 inch monitor, slick new wireless keyboard and mouse, a really cool black tower with pretty blue lights, and a great workstation to put it all on but if you don’t have the proper software inside or if you have some old obsolete software to run the system and perform the tasks you want it, all that outer equipment or hardware won’t mean squat.

The inner game of confidence is your ability to control your focus, your state, and your emotions rather than letting them control or rule you. It’s the ability to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

I’ll go one step further and say it’s the knowing that you will succeed. The key for anyone looking to create more success in their lives whether in athletics, business, or even relationships is the ability to master their own inner game.

The empowering emotional state …