Dog Police: A Free Dog Game Full of Excitement

You can play free dog games online that are not only good for killing the time but also quite challenging. While most of the dog games you play online can be quite simple and easy to beat but there are some that can be quite challenging. These challenging games require higher skill levels and more time than you think to master. These free dog games are really hard to beat. If you can spare the time needed to complete the challenge than the best challenging dog game I recommend for you is Dog Police.

Dog Police game reminds you of the famous Spy Hunter game developed by Nintendo and uses similar overhead shot and high-speed action. Here are some main features of the Dog Police that make it one of the best challenging and exciting games of the many dog games that you can play online for free.

Object of the Game

When you look at it first, you will find that object of the game is quite simple, as any time-killers should be. You can simply control the movement and pace of your vehicle by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. The aim for you is to catch up to the Dog Catcher in order to secure the release of the kidnapped puppies by successfully navigating your vehicles through the traffic and other obstructions of the road during the chase. You are provided with weaponry that you can use on Dog Catcher by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. Use them carefully and only on the Dog Catcher, otherwise your points will be deducted.

Two-Dimensional Graphics

Dog Police comes with two-dimensional graphics and overhead view that will certainly remind you of the popular Spy Hunter. However, with advancement in the technology the graphics used in this free …