The Latest Flight Simulator Game For 2011

I recently purchased the latest version of Flight pro Sim and it’s realism is totally stunning. I’ve played a lot of these air flight simulator games but for my money this is absolutely the best. It is without question the most popular airplane game on the net with fantastic reviews.

There are two versions of it. A basic version and a full version. The basic version costs about forty dollars and really is a bit of a teaser for the full version. The basic version gives you limited planes to choose from and you can only practice landing and takeoff within the San Francisco area. While the full version which only costs around eighty dollars comes in a DVD set delivered to your door and comes with the ability to choose over one hundred and twenty aircraft and over twenty thousand airports to land and takeoff on. Go for the full version, it’s not a lot more money and it’s just so much better than the basic version, plus once you’ve bought it you get lifetime free upgrades – so that’s the final cost forever. Plus, it comes with a no questions asked sixty day cash back guarantee if you for any reason want to return it.

The 3D scenery is absolutely amazing in this flight game. You can even fly over your own house, or the Gobi Desert, or, the Rockies and it changes from day to night so you can learn so many skills, just like a real pilot. In fact, this game is used by many flight schools to professionally teach pilots and in addition, many pilots use this flight simulator game to brush up on their own schools. It’s that good.

Your choice of aircraft is fairly much endless. You can choose to fly the 1907 …