When The Other Woman Won't Let Your Husband Go

I recently received an email from a wife who was at her wit’s end with her husband’s former mistress. The husband was insisting that he was now committed to the wife and the marriage and they were working very hard to save the marriage. However, the mistress just seemed unwilling to let the husband go. She would drive by the house, continue to call both the wife and husband and hang up, send emails, and send messages on their face book accounts.

They wanted to get rid of this woman once and for all but she didn’t seem to be getting the message. The wife wanted to my advice as to how to get the mistress to back off so that she could get her life back and get to work on saving her marriage. She just wanted to be left alone. I’ll tell you what I told her in the following article.

Telling The Mistress Very Plainly To Back Off And Then Not Responding To Her Again: It’s not always the case, but sometimes the mistress hangs on because the husband has not made himself crystal clear. Of course, he will tell the wife that he’s been very direct. But, the mistress might see things a bit differently. She may take little nuggets of what your husband is saying and turn them around so that they are saying exactly what she wants him to say.

In this case, it’s best to make sure that the husband is very clear in one last message. I often advise that the wife listens in on the phone call, which should be very short. Basically, I felt that the husband should pick up the next time the mistress called and tell her that she was not to contact, follow, drive by, or attempt …